Teachers and students from all partner schools took part in the meeting in Reda, Poland between 11th and 18th February 2012. Teachers visited a host school, Szkola Podstawowa nr 3 in Reda, and a kindergarten. We also visited a Town Hall, where we met the Mayor of Reda and his Deputy. They answered some questions about investments in Reda and local policy on education. Polish educational system was also presented and discussed. On Wednesday we all went on a trip to the Stutthof Museum (the former Nazi concentration camp) and to Gdansk to visit a new stadium PGE Arena, Gdansk Old Town and the square with a monument near Gdansk Shipyard. Students took part in workshops on animals, presented their own countries and regions, participated in lessons and evaluated the visit. They had fun on a sleigh ride, at the bonfire and a barbecue. They also visited Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and Gdynia Aquarium. Both teachers and students really enjoyed the meeting!


Almost in Reda!

While we are preparing to fly to Reda, let's take a look!
Winter in Holland, by Paula de Vlaming.